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Pillows Du Jour

Pillows Du Jour is dedicated to making your home and favorite spaces look their best.


With our wide array of fashionable designs to choose from, we strive to make it easy for you to have your surroundings look as luxurious as you desire.


We love designing for you, creating the irresistibly perfect sumptuous pillows for your splendid style and taste.


Pillows Du Jour is a distinct boutique featuring breathtakingly exquisite designs from around the world.

All of the designs are exclusively selected by Pillows Du Jour and are created in-house. Each design is uniquely handcrafted ensuring these special products cannot be found anywhere else.


Our philosophy is you shouldn’t have to compromise to get the magnificent decor you want – and deserve! By being faithful to your own sense of self-expression, you can actually feel happier and more fulfilled.


We have carefully chosen all our unique, sumptuous designs for their dynamic and striking appeal.


Our pillows look as fantastic as you'll feel enjoying them. They’re an instant pleasure you can experience every day in your home and favorite places.

Treat yourself to something very special.

Our throw pillows make unforgettable gifts too!


At Pillows Du Jour, we are committed to offering you a world of gorgeously chic and glamorous styles that are proudly made in the U.S.A.


We hope you enjoy shopping with us! 


Let these wonderful pillows, inspire you, relax you, dazzle and delight you.


Please email us, your comments and suggestions are always welcome.


Surround yourself with these oh so cozy soft, captivatingly beautiful and collectible throw pillows. Bring the perfect enchanting embellishment into your life - or into the life of someone special.

Cooké T. Samson

Pillows Du Jour

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