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Giving Back


Great Organizations

Pillows Du Jour is here to make the Fund Raising and the Charitable gifting process as simple and stress free as possible.

Pillows Du Jour feels strongly about Giving Back to communities and charitable organizations that help strengthen and nurture our world. Our throw pillows can help raise money for worthy causes!


No matter if you live in a large community or a small community you can still have a great impact and do good through your everyday activities. We love creating a community of givers and doers to harness the kindness that connects us. 


There are so many great causes out there and those of us at Pillows Du Jour thank you for wanting us to participate and be a part of your Fund Raising and Giving to make the greatest positive impact.


We believe through our shared compassion we have the power to unite, motivate and bring positive changes. 


Our lives are busy, but our troubles and complications are tiny in comparison to those whose troubles are so deep we can't begin to imagine such as homeless children, Veteran's in need, starvation, cancer and those chronically ill.


At Pillows Du Jour our throw pillows are super soft plus both the insert and beautiful cover are washable. 


Each pillow you select for your organization will have a chic color coordinated backside that stylishly features your Company Logo plus your Business Slogan and Brand Tagline.


Everyone loves throw pillows! Pillows Du Jour throw pillows make the perfect way to keep donors engaged and participating in the long term of raising funds. Plus our throw pillows are also delightful gifts to give your donors, and your charity's recipients. 


Pillows Du Jour believes that through dedication and passion we CAN help your charity make the greatest positive tangible impact on people's lives.

How we can help raise funds for your worthy organization:

1. We will offer those interested in supporting your organization a Discount on our Throw Pillows.

2. For every throw pillow sold that way, we will make a generous donation to your organization.

3. At no extra cost to you, we will stylishly feature your organization's Logo and Slogan on the back of each throw pillow.

4. This will enable your organization to be visually promoted in homes and offices for years to come.


Please fill out the form below, and let's get started on achieving your goals.

Cooké T. Samson

Pillows Du Jour

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