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Personal Gifts

Pillows Du Jour is here to make the Business gifting and Personal gifting process as simple and stress free as possible.

Your clients and contacts are very important and giving a great gift will have lasting benefits for you and your company, no matter if your company is large or small!


Let Pillows Du Jour help you strengthen your identity with our special gifts that can help establish relationships plus strengthen your existing relationships through our custom throw pillow and our business gift giving strategy.

No more wasting money on boring gifts!

Treat your contacts and clients to something very special. 

Each pillow you select for your company will have a chic color coordinated backside that stylishly features your Company Logo plus your Business Slogan and Brand Tagline.

At Pillows Du Jour, we will help you leave a big wonderful impression with our wide assortment of stylish, fresh, chic and unique gifts that are sure to create memorable impressions for the recipients!

All of the designs are exclusively selected by Pillows Du Jour and are created in-house. We have carefully chosen all our breathtakingly exquisite and uniquely sumptuous designs for their dynamic and striking appeal.


Every Pillows Du Jour design is uniquely handcrafted ensuring these special products cannot be found anywhere else. They make the irresistibly perfect gift for you and your company to give.

At Pillows Du Jour, we are committed to offering you, your contacts and your clients a world of gorgeously chic and glamorously splendid styles that are proudly made in America.


With our wide array of fashionable designs to choose from, we strive to make it easy for you to give truly memorable gifts to anyone and everyone you desire.


Enjoy shopping with us.


Let these enchanting, wonderful pillows from Pillows Du Jour be the perfect gifts you give that dazzles, delights and strengthens your relationships! 

Cooké T. Samson

Pillows Du Jour

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